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Service Charges

The annual service charges and ground rent demands for Woodlands Vale Management flats in Scarborough are as follows:

1 January 2019 - 31 December 2019:

The annual service charge demand for Woodlands Vale Management Company Limited flats are £500 (1 Jan-31 Dec 2019).

*Ground rent £25 (1 Jan 2019-31 Dec 2019).

The service charges and *ground rent demands are collected by admin agents Ellis Hay on behalf of Woodlands Vale Management.

1st January 2019 *Ground Rent £25.00 + Service Charge £500.00 = Total £525.00

Due on 1 January each year.

*Ground rent is a specific requirement of the lease and must be paid on the due date unless a particular flat has completed a lease-extension. Service charges are payments made by the leaseholders to the residents management company for the block management of the communal areas managed and maintained by Woodlands Vale Management Company Limited.

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